Reskin Packs

Class 444/450 - SWR Pack

By: AzeezSim

A reskin pack featuring the new SWR Plain 444 & 450 liveries, additionally including the Ex-SWT & SWR Pride/Trainbow liveries.

Class 158 - FirstGroup Pack

By: AlexCee

A fictional reskin pack that covers various FirstGroup liveries for the Class 158, including Transpennine Express, Hull Trains and the failed Harrogate Trains.

Class 508/2 Pack

By: AzeezSim

A set of reskins for the AP Waggonz Class 313/315 featuring various liveries ranging from Connex to SouthEastern.

Class 158 - WYPTE Pack

By: AlexCee

A set of reskins for the AP Cummins Class 158 featuring various West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive liveries, post privatisation.

Class 158 - Anglia Pack

By: AlexCee

A fictional reskin pack that's been in the works for over a year, covering AP Cummins Class 158s in various Anglia operators post privatization.

Individual Reskins / Patches

Class 156 - Ex-GA (EMR)

By: Bellerophon Productions

A patch that adds an Ex-GA variant with EMR destinations to the AP Class 156, as worn by various 156s after their transfer to EMR.

BR Peppercorn A2 Express Passenger Blue

By: Bellerophon Productions

This pack reskins BMG's A2 into BR Express Passenger Blue. It includes Early & Late Crest tenders.

Class 156 - Ex-SR (EMR)

By: Josh C

A patch that adds 156503 with its EMR Regional branding as well as a Debranded Scotrail Saltire variant.