BR Peppercorn A2 Express Passenger Blue


This pack reskins BMG's A2 into BR Express Passenger Blue. It includes Early and Late Crest tenders. This pack also includes a fix for 60533 where the name plate would be corrupted.

Reskin Requirements

  • DTG Peppercorn Class A2 "Blue Peter"

      • BMG Class A2 Livery Pack


Extract BRA2Pack01Assets first, before copying 'A2Engine.GeoPcDx' from Assets\BMG\BRA2Pack01\RailVehicles\Steam\BRA2\Engine and paste it into Assets\BMG\BRA2Pack01\RailVehicles\Steam\BlueA2\Engine.

Then copy 'A2_Tender_early.GeoPcDx' and 'A2_Tender_late.GeoPcDx'from Assets\BMG\BRA2Pack01\RailVehicles\Steam\BRA2\Tender and paste them into Assets\BMG\BRA2Pack01\RailVehicles\Steam\BlueA2\Tender.

These installation instructions can also be found inside the included readme.

Patch by Bellerophon Productions