Class 158 WYPTE Pack


This pack includes reskins through various time periods of Class 158s if they were to have operated under the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, wearing liveries similar to those worn by the Class 333s.

The reskins included in this pack are as follows:

  • Northern Spirit (NS/ATN/NR)

  • Northern Rail (NR/Debranded)

Screenshots and more information on all of the above reskins are available in the manual included in the download below.

Additionally, the requirements and installation instructions for the reskin are in the manual.


  • AP - Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

  • RSC - Network SouthEast Class 159


Drag and Drop install of the Assets folder into your Railworks folder.

Run WYPTE_158s_Install.bat in the Assets folder.

The reskin should now be fully installed.

Updated to v1.1 on 03/04/2020

This adds the Disabled Toilet & Bike Area decals to the Ex-NR variant

Reskin by AlexCee with some screenshots by MHD.