Class 444/450 - SWR Pack

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A reskin pack months in the making, featuring the new SWR Plain 444 & 450 liveries, additionally including the Ex-SWT & SWR Pride/Trainbow liveries alongside several small alterations to all of the 444/450 liveries.

The reskins included in this pack are as follows:

  • Ex-SWT (SWR Pride) Class 444

  • SWR (Plain) Class 444

  • SWR (Plain) Class 450

  • SWR (Pride) Class 444

Additionally, several additions are included that apply to all liveries, such as:

  • New bogie & underframe textures

  • New TOPS Panel

  • New tail lamp hook


  • DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (2018)

  • AP Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack


Drag and Drop install of the Assets folder into your Railworks folder.

Run InstallSWR444-450.bat in the Assets folder.

The reskin pack should now be fully installed.

Make sure that PortsmouthDirectAssets.ap is extracted if the .bat file fails.

Reskin by AzeezSim