6B46 - Oxwellmains Haul Waste to Powderhall Refuse Siding


Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh produces a lot of household waste. Until late 2016, 'Binliner' trains were frequent between the loading point in Edinburgh at Powderhall, and the disposal location at Oxwellmains, on the banks of the North Sea. In this scenario, set in 2007, take the empties from Oxwellmains back to Powderhall, with the usual traction of a class 67. Duration: 45 mins


  • JT Newcastle to Edinburgh

  • RSC EWS Class 67

      • AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack

  • RSC Class 91

      • AP Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack

  • RSC NSE Class 159

      • AP Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

  • AP/Waggonz Class 320/321/322

  • Kuju European Loco & Asset Pack

      • AP HST (Valenta) Enhancement Pack

  • JT Class 220/221 Advanced

  • OTS KFA 'Binliner' wagons

  • DTG Settle to Carlisle

  • DTG Freightliner Class 66 V. 2.0

  • AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

  • AP Sky & Weather Pack

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario to work properly.

Scenario produced by 317Dan