2W41 - Shenfield to London Liverpool Street


It's almost 5pm and all of the London workers want to escape out of the city. You are forming a service against the flow of traffic, so traffic is busy coming out of London. You are one of few peak time Shenfield services to call at all stations at this time of day. Register on the GSM-R with 2W41 and your starting signal is L516. Don't fuss too much with timing, this is a metro-esque service after all!


  • RSC Great Eastern Main Line
      • Traction Depot Norwich Extension
  • AP Class 321
  • AP/DTG Class 90 GEML
      • Wherry Lines Extra Stock
  • DTG Class 455/8
      • Superalbs GA 317 reskins
  • RSC Brighton Main Line
      • Superalbs GA 379 reskin
  • JT Voyager Advanced.

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements for the scenario. Italics are not essential for the scenario to function but are highly recommended.

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