43924 Big Goods Centenary


Completed by the Midland Railway in 1920, 3924, as it was numbered then, spent only 3 years in their ownership, 25 years with the LMS and finally 17 years with British Railways. Bought for preservation in 1970 by The 4F Society, 43924 was sold 20 years later to the KWVR and has therefore, as this is being written in 2020, been in our ownership far longer than any of its predecessors. It's been 100 years since the Midland 4F was built. She entered traffic in October 1920 as number 3924, and is the only Midland 4F to survive into preservation.


  • SSS Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

  • DTG Academy

  • MT Steel Bodied Pullmans

  • AP Mk1 Coach Pack Volume 1

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Scenario produced by Steaming Through Yorkshire