Hunts Cross Shuttle


Engineering works are taking place between Hunts Cross and Manchester Piccadilly meaning services have been either cancelled or cut short. Due to high demand, Northern have started running a 20 minute shuttle between Lime Street and Hunts Cross to prevent the need of as many rail replacement buses.

Today, it's your job to drive one of those shuttles on a quick run between Hunts Cross and Liverpool Lime Street at the end of your shift. Services are running as normal on the WCML.


  • DTG Liverpool - Manchester

  • AP Class 150/2

  • DTG Class 150/1

      • AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack

  • DTG Portsmouth Direct Line 2018

      • AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack

  • AP/Waggonz Class 142

  • AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

  • European Loco and Asset Pack

  • AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

  • AP Class 319 Vol.1 Pack

  • AP JNA Wagon Pack

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