1H85 - Llandudno to Manchester Airport


Due to many TfW trains being out of service, a Class 150 has been substituted on this Manchester Airport run. An alternate Class 175 has been arranged from Chester onwards, so you will have to shunt out of the way of other trains once at Chester. Your headcode from Llandudno is 1H85 with the signal ahead of you being LO7. From Chester, you will re-register as 5Z85.


  • DTG North Wales Coastal

  • Thomson WCML Trent Valley

  • DTG South Wales Coastal

      • Major Wales TfW 175 reskin.

  • AP Class 150

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW 150 reskin.

  • RSC Class 159

      • AP Perkins Enhancement Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW 158 reskin.

  • RSC Class 56

      • AP Class 56 Enhancement Pack

  • Just Trains RHTT

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Scenario produced by GenericTS