1H93 - Llandudno to Manchester Airport


During the last day of ATW, two Northern units were hired out as they were spare due to the Northern strikes. These worked on Llandudno to Manchester services to help increase capacity. You'll be taking it's final run of the day from Llandudno as far as Chester, calling at all stations. You'll be working with unrefurbed 150215 & refurbed 150222 for this journey. Year: 2018.


  • DTG North Wales Coastal (discontinued)

      • DTG NWC Extension (discontinued)

  • DTG South Wales Coastal (discontinued)

      • AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack

      • MJW Ex-ATW Class 175 reskin

  • AP Class 150/2

      • MJW Ex-ATW Class 150/2 reskin

  • RSC Class 159

      • AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack

      • MJW Ex-ATW Class 158 reskin

  • AP/RR Class 40

  • AP/W Class 142

      • MJW Ex-Northern Rail Class 142 reskin

  • AP Mk2 D-F Pack

      • BackdatedTS Locomotive Services Mk2 Pack

  • DTG Virgin First Generation Pack (discontinued)

      • BackdatedTS Class 47853 reskin

Requirements marked in bold are essential requirements. Italic requirements are not required but are recommended for the scenario to work properly.

Scenario produced by GenericTS