1V95 - Holyhead to Llanelli


Due to fire damage on the rear coach, 175107 is running around as a 2 carriage set. You will be taking it on the first leg of it's long trek down to Llanelli, operating one of the quicker coastal services. The line is fine, but there is some disruption east of Llandudno Junction. Enjoy the lovely coastal weather! Year: 2019.

The Up Passenger Loop at Llandudno Junction is closed due to a collapse of a wall onto the tracks, you will find signage to direct you at Llandudno Junction.


  • DTG North Wales Coastal (Crewe to Holyhead)

  • DTG Bristol to Cardiff

      • AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 175

      • Major Wales TfW Class 175

  • AP Class 150/2 Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 150

  • RSC Class 159 Pack

      • AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 150

      • ATS TfW Class 158

  • Oovee Class 57 Freightliner

      • Superalbs West Coast Railways

  • RSC Class 66 Freightliner V2

      • AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack

  • Thomson Interactive Fort William to Mallaig

      • Vulcan Productions Class 37421 Colas

  • Just Trains FNA Flask

  • Just Trains JJA Autoballaster

  • AP JNA Wagon Pack

  • AP Mk2d/f Coach Pack

Requirements marked in bold are required for the scenario to function. Italic requirements are not required, but are recommended.

Scenario produced by GenericTS