1W94 - Maesteg to Holyhead


It's a rare day along the coast, there are four railtours out and about, and you're driving a service that will see all four of them on the way back from North Wales. The weather is perfect and there's no disruption on the line, although the signallers have their work cut out for them. Your service will be calling at all stations except Shotton and Abergele & Pensarn.


  • AP Class 150/2 Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 150

  • DTG North Wales Coastal (Crewe to Holyhead)

  • DTG South Wales Coastal (Bristol to Cardiff)

      • AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 175

      • Major Wales TfW Class 175

  • Kuju European Asset Pack

      • SteamSoundsSupreme WCRC Class 47 + Coaches

  • RSC Class 159

      • AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack

      • Major Wales Ex-ATW Class 158

  • AP Class 90 Pack (Steam & AP Store)

      • Major Wales WAG Set

  • DTG Virgin Trains First Generation Pack

      • Backdated Trainsim LSL Class 47 Pack

  • DTG (TS Rewards) Double Chimney Castle Pack

  • RSC Class A1 Tornado

  • DT/AP Mk1 Coach Pack

  • RSC Class 67

      • Major Wales WAG Set

  • Just Trains Voyager Advanced

  • AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack

Requirements marked in bold are essential for the scenario to function, it may work but will have issues. Italic requirements are not crucial for the scenario.

If you are missing any requirements, you can always press F2 and then Cancel and the scenario should still play.

Scenario produced by GenericTS